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Up to 10 Color Samplers – Photoshop CC (14.2)

Thanks to last Photoshop World Codeathon in Las Vegas, we’ve finally broken the 4 Color Samplers limit in the Info Palette – we’re allowed to scatter up to 10 of them like a machine gun (provided we’ve Photoshop CC updated to the 14.2 dot release, available from Jan 16, 2014 onwards). If you’re in the color correction business, that is a big deal.
[Fireworks popping, people getting naked, etc]

Now, to be fair, this is a pretty old feature request (ignored/postponed…) – something more like a JDI if you will.
But let’s not be the usual mumbling guys for a little bit! Just a little bit 😉

I built an experimental Panel back in 2011, called Power Info Palette – which still shows that there’s always room for improvement! But it’s definitely nice to have native support for 10 samplers in PS now.

Dan Margulis’ Modern Photoshop Color Workflow, beta-readers interview

Color Correction Maestro Dan Margulis has just published a new book about his latest research, appropriately called "Modern Photoshop Color Workflow - The Quartertone Quandary, the PPW, and Other Ideas for Speedy Image Enhancement". I've asked to three beta-readers, who happens to be among my best friends and experienced colleagues, few questions about the book's topics. Read along, I've a special guest too!

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Double USM Photoshop Sharpening Script #1: Introduction

Double USM is the brand new Sharpening Photoshop's script I've coded! Let me introduce it to you in a three posts series: in this first one I'll be discussing why it's useful and how it works. Post #2 will be about the interface and how it works. In Post #3 I'll show you examples and we'll try to find a place for it in your own image processing workflow.

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Codename: ZEBRA

I'm currently involved in a particularly challenging prepress job for a particularly prestigious publishing house, facing an astonishingly close deadline

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