Photoshop CC 2014 (v15.0) ready!

The support of Flash panels has been officially dropped with the release or Photoshop CC 2014 (internal version: 15.0) - meaning that in order to be compatible with it, Extensions must have been ported to HTML. Which I did for all my panels! They are now CC 2014 compatible - while scripts don’t need refactoring:

Please find the updated installer (log in the Adobe Add-ons page if you’ve bought via Adobe Exchange, or in the Bigano e-store if you’ve bought from him). A couple of notes:

  1. Adobe Configurator is now useless, since it was an AIR app outputting Flash panels. There’s no Adobe’s HTML replacement planned, nor a migration tool for existing panels (you can go banging fists on table in the forums, or embrace the new SDK if you want / feel inclined). I’ve been experimenting with templates targeted to non-coders, that would ideally need just some minor tweaking. I know there is also somebody else (also third party) fiddling with the idea of an HTML Configurator. Don’t hold your breath, but it might be that in the future something will appear.
  2. CPT (Channel Power Tools) and False Profile - two extensions made by the great Giuliana Abbiati - have not been ported yet since she’s been busy with the HTML version of Dan Margulis PPW Panel. I’ll be happy to disclose information about the timeframe as soon as I have them.