Photoshop CC 2014 (v15.0) ready!

Davide Barranca —  — 16 Comments

The support of Flash panels has been officially dropped with the release or Photoshop CC 2014 (internal version: 15.0) – meaning that in order to be compatible with it, Extensions must have been ported to HTML.

Which I did for all my panels! They are now CC 2014 compatible – while scripts don’t need refactoring:

Please find the updated installer (log in the Adobe Add-ons page if you’ve bought via Adobe Exchange, or in the Bigano e-store if you’ve bought from him).

A couple of notes:

  1. Adobe Configurator is now useless, since it was an AIR app outputting Flash panels. There’s no Adobe’s HTML replacement planned, nor a migration tool for existing panels (you can go banging fists on table in the forums, or embrace the new SDK if you want / feel inclined). I’ve been experimenting with templates targeted to non-coders, that would ideally need just some minor tweaking. I know there is also somebody else (also third party) fiddling with the idea of an HTML Configurator. Don’t hold your breath, but it might be that in the future something will appear.
  2. CPT (Channel Power Tools) and False Profile – two extensions made by the great Giuliana Abbiati – have not been ported yet since she’s been busy with the HTML version of Dan Margulis PPW Panel. I’ll be happy to disclose information about the timeframe as soon as I have them.
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16 responses to Photoshop CC 2014 (v15.0) ready!

  1. Shawn Flanagan July 7, 2014 at 4:48 AM

    I know it’s not the best or most elegant solution, but with Configurator dead, I switched to using Edge Animate to create my Photoshop panels. It works for my basic needs, but I’m not sure if I would recommend it for most people.

  2. Hi Davide – Me again. Thanks again for helping me with javascripts for Photoshop.

    I have encountered and issue in creating javascripts for Photoshop:
    I created buttons for Auto Tone, Auto Contrast and Auto Color
    Using the comd Z shortcut does not work (I do have an undo button).
    For all the other buttons: Levels, Curves, Sharpen, Blur, ect.
    The comd Z shortcut works

    Have you run into anything like that? If you did, do you know how to fix it?

    Thank you – Sam

    • Sam,
      panels “steal” focus from the application, so Command-Z sometimes doesn’t work until you click on the open document an extra time. It’s a known issue that the EB team is looking for a solution.

  3. Thanks Davide – yes, I have heard that it is a known issue, but was hoping you might know some magic.
    Just need to wait for Adobe to fix it.

    Thanks – Sam

  4. Hello David. First at all thanks for all the great stuff you share.
    I’ve started to move my Photoshop CS6 Panel ( to CC 2014 but I’m lost. Resources, information and examples are not the easiest thing to found.
    It was easy to start with Brackets, after some small changes to my CS6 Panel I can launch it in PS CC 2014 but it seems the code used in my buttons are an old junk that must be renewed!
    I was using something like this:

    Basically, that was executing an action contained in the script (the first version of the panel called the action directly: )
    So, what’s the way to call an specific action from a button using the new syntax?
    Thx again. Regards

    • Hello Alex, I’m afraid I haven’t got exactly what you’re after: with “action” contained in the script, do you mean an actual Photoshop Action (e.g. from the Actions palette) or just a script function?
      I’m asking since probably you could embed easily Actions in Configurator Panels – not that straightforward with HTML extensions: first you have to deploy Actions with the panel (as an hybrid extension installer) then from the HTML/JS call a JSX function that executes the actual Action: app.doAction(action, from) where action is the name of the Action as a String, and from is the name of the Action Set (pag. 47 of the PS CC Javascript reference).
      Hope this helps!

      • That helps, for sure!
        But let me post again my previous examples that were not paresed above:

        1) Some time ago I used something like this:
        href= “adobe ://photoshop.cs6/Action/set-name/action-name”

        2) It was the easiest way to put some actions in a panel for someone with limited knowledge of hard coding (but good knowledge of old HTML + CSS). Then I learned that converting the actions to JSX with the ScriptListener.8li plugin was a good choice, and started to use somthing like:
        href=# onClick=”_AdobeInvokeScriptFile(‘scripts/some-name.jsx’);”
        So, as my panel uses more than 60 actions converted to JSX what I’m actually trying to do is keep using those JSX files.
        Those scripts are still working great in PS CC 2014 so what I’m looking for is a solution to replace the AdobeInvokeScriptFile to execute the JSX files, each one from their respective buttons (60 of them!).

        • It worked pretty well creating some functions for the onClick events 🙂
          I found the panel working better than the previous version, just need to solve a little bug(?):
          each time the panel is launched or used, PS loses Focus.
          Eg.. When I open PS with the panel launched I can’t use Ctrl + N to create a new Doc, I must to click the PS GUI to be able to use Ctrl + N
          The same happens with Ctrl + V to paste an image from the clipboard.

          • Alex, this is a known extensions bug, alas. OSX only, as far as I know – a friend of mine worked around that calling a OSX Script that gives the focus back to the PS application (with a slight flicker) – only way to fix that so far to the best of my knowledge.

          • Thanks David. I’m on Win 7 64bits.
            I actually have four panels installed, the only one that is managing a little bit better the focus is “Adobe Paper Texture Pro”. It doesn’t stole the focus after launch.
            I’ll take a view to the code.

          • Please share your findings 🙂

          • Well, the Russell Brown’s panel use this function to return keyboard focus back to Photoshop so Ctrl-N and others work:

            function LoseFocus() { var csEvent = new CSEvent(“com.adobe.PhotoshopLoseFocus”, “APPLICATION”);
            csEvent.extensionId = gExtensionId;

            Maybe that helps.

  5. Alex- That trick seems to work in Photoshop CC (where it is needed to restore focus, I don’t see an issue with CC 2014). However, the very first time I use the panel after opening a new image, I still lose focus. After that, this trick works beautifully. Have you found a way to restore focus even on the initial command on a newly opened image?

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