Introducing Vitamin BW for Photoshop CC / CS6

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Give a fresh breath to your Black & White conversions with Vitamin BW, a script for Photoshop CC / CS6 featuring Smart Contrast Enhancement, Toning and BW Color Filters!

Top left, clockwise: Color Original, default Photoshop conversion, Vitamin BW (Contrast: More; Toning: Cool; BW Filter: Orange)

Top left, clockwise: Color Original. Default Photoshop conversion.
Vitamin BW (Contrast: More; Toning: Cool; BW Filter: Orange)

At a glance


Vitamin BW idea is to give you few but powerful options for Black & White conversion in three main areas – Contrast, Toning and BW Color Filters.

Smart Contrast Enhancement

Vitamin BW features a very effective routine to boost the 3D look of your images: you can choose from the Default parameter, or Boost (for a bit of extra punch).



Besides the default Neutral option, you can have a Cool and Warm toning, or an extra Mixed version which uses the Cool tone in the Shadows and Warm in the Highlights. The toning is on a separate layer that you can always switch on/off, or lower/raise its opacity for a milder/stronger effect.


BW Color Filters

Way way back in time, thousands of years ago, people of my age used to shoot BW film putting some colored glass in front of the lens, like Yellow, Orange, Red, Green or Blue filters. We read in papyrus rolls that this way some light’s wavelengths were blocked: provided you knew your Egyptian, light theory and remember to bring filters with you in the field, you sometimes ended up with better pictures using the right filter on the right subject.


The following chart comes from PhotographyMad (which features an introductory tutorial on Color Filters for Black & White):

BW Filters chart

How much?

VitaminBW 1.0 by Davide Barranca is for sale on Bigano e-Store and for about €26.00 / $34.95 (fluctuations due to the currency change) and by now is a script for Photoshop CC, CS6 (either Perpetual or Subscription), on both Mac and Windows.

User Manual

See this post for examples and more detailed descriptions!

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7 responses to Introducing Vitamin BW for Photoshop CC / CS6

  1. Is there any prospect of VitaminBW being available for Photoshop CS5?

  2. 26€ for someting that literally takes like 2 clicks with photoshops without any plugin? lol

    • Nice to have raised a laugh Harald, I’m a happy camper myself too – but unless you’ve peculiar buttons to click in your Photoshop version, there’s no way you can get closer to that, really.
      Whether you might or might not be willing to spend that money is an entirely different question.
      Cheers –Davide

      • Davide, thanks for replying instead of taking the easy route and just blocking my comment. It was not meant to be offensive.
        My point is: Colour filtering can easily be done with the channel mixer; boost probably with a curve and toning e.g. with a simple color layer and all of this just takes handful of clicks or less. When you compare that to your Double USM which is way more sophisticated and harder to do by hand (all the layers and the functions/blend modes between them) and it costs less then 15€ I find it hard to see the value. Not to mention Nik/Google silver effex that is beyond comparison and available for free.
        Just a thought mate, cheers

        • Harald, we’re in the free country of The Internet 🙂 I see your point, but at the same time if the tool (any tool) solves a problem for a category of users, it’s worth its price – probably this is not the one that fits your need, which is perfectly fair. Ciao!

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