Photoshop 1.0

Photoshop Touch for iPad

Davide Barranca — 

Photoshop 1.0

Photoshop Touch for iPad is finally out.

And now please Adobe, could you gently make Photoshop for Mac/Win to evolve in a software just a little bit more contemporary?

Thanks in advance. Yours truly

Davide Barranca

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2 responses to Photoshop Touch for iPad

  1. Be careful what you wish for. Have you seen the interface changes in Photoshop CS6?

    • No no no, we just needed +1800 icons to be redesigned, that was priority #1… usability, paradigm evolution, new algorithms implementation, all that can wait 😉
      For we’re used to wait. I shall quote someone who said: “There’s one thing that Photoshop is still desperately missing: a decent competitor”!