Codename: ZEBRA

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Codename: ZEBRAI’m currently involved in a particularly challenging prepress job for a particularly prestigious publishing house, facing an astonishingly close deadline (kind of: has to be printed… yesterday). The good part is that I’ve managed to gather around it some of my best friends – who, by chance, are among the most talented retouchers in the country. I promise, if we’ll survive, I’ll tell you the whole story. In the meantime let me introduce you codename ZEBRA project’s team: MO, MD, TF¬†and yours truly, aka the NWA (no weekend allowed) guys.

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One response to Codename: ZEBRA

  1. New codenames coming for further projects –

    Joe the Lion.
    Made of Iron.
    Maid of Iron.
    Maid of Honour.
    Made in Italy.

    Be proud, Zebra One.

    Zebra Two – Roger and Out.

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