CS Extensions: Photoshop CS6 Extensions and Scripts website

Are you looking for Photoshop Extensions? I’m pleased to announce that , a brand new website entirely dedicated to Adobe Photoshop CS6 script and panels, is finally online (a project that kept me quite busy in the last two months).

CS Extensions collects both paid and free 5 star extensions that my talented friend Giuly “Cromaline” Abbiati and I have been building recently. Few highlights:</p>

  1. Sneak peek of Double USM, my new Photoshop extension about advanced sharpening techniques.
  2. Adobe Exchange ready (the new in-app, app-store for Creative Suite Extensions).
  3. Plenty of learning resources links and products specification.
  4. Updated news about the Extensions ecosystem (releases, updates, platform bugs, etc.)

Have a look at

feedback there if you’re willing to make your voice heard! </div> </div>