“Color Correction Campus” slides on Sharpening

Davide Barranca — 

CCC Bologna 2011 - slides sullo Sharpening
The lecture about sharpening I did last October for the Color Correction Campus went apparently so well that I’ve decided to share the slides I’ve shown. Since I was just a support teacher I could afford to be totally unconventional, so I tried a daring approach to the subject. If you feel brave enough to download the italian slides I wrote by hand with Noteshelf on my iPad, you’ll possibly have some fun too – even though I’ve been told the better part was me wandering through the class saying crazy things about sharpening techniques in Photoshop, based on the evolution of perception in human beings! Any comment (even crazy) is welcome as usual 😉


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One response to “Color Correction Campus” slides on Sharpening

  1. Davide, you are unique and unreproducible ^ _ ^