Hello readers, I’m happy to publicly announce that I’m writing a book (temporarily) titled: “Photoshop HTML Panels development – Build and Market Adobe Creative Cloud extensions”.
I’ve let the news leak here and there as a way to strengthen my commitment in the project, and I’m ready now to challenge bad luck and tell the world about this ambitious venture. My goal now is to give you some details about the book, so read along.

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I’m no big fan of ESTK for a variety of reasons; when I finally replaced my old MacBookPro with a newer model with Retina display I got even more disappointed: pixels everywhere! There’s a quick fix/hack that I’d like to show you (also as a reminder for my future self, just in case ESTK is still going to be around in 2021 when I’ll get a newer Mac).

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CC2015 previews a new Photoshop Event listening system and deprecates the “com.adobe.PhotoshopCallback”, due to a bug that makes all the extension receiving the event – that is: if two panels are registered for the event “make”, then each panel sees the other panel’s “make” event, and must ignore it.

The solution implemented marks a break in retro-compatibility and is going to be the only one accepted from Photoshop CC2016 (version 17.x) onwards. Let’s have a look at what is that all about.

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Back in 2007, developer Brandon Staggs wrote a brilliant article about software licensing, showing how to implement what he calls a Partial Serial Number Verification System using the Delphi language.
Apparently the remarkable technique first appeared around 2003 in a set of slides by Chris Thornton, developer of the ClipMate software.

Years have passed, cryptography is more affordable, yet I would say that this approach to the Software Licensing problem is still valid in some businesses – besides the fact it’s fascinatingly clever.

In a nutshell, Brandon shows how to build a serial number (seed, keys, checksum), which verification in the final product is partial – so that a cracker will never be able to build a long lasting keygen.

I’ve ported the original code (written in Delphi) to Javascript.

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Superstitious people in Italy think that seventeen is a bad luck number – yet I’m not gullible and I think it must be by chance that this Tip #17 is about the apparently, ehm, troublesome update to Creative Cloud 2015.

As follows is a checklist of common problems (both from the developer’s and user’s point of view – I’ve been in touch with quite a number of them both) and my own suggestions to stop worrying and love the bomb.

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CEP 5.2 has a bug (affecting Macs with non US keyboards) that prevents AngularJS to realize binding in HTML Panels when input fields are involved. New Zealand developer Kris Coppieters has been able to find a successful way to patch Angular and make it work – with his kind permission I’m going to share the instruction.

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