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A major reworking of my Sharpening extension for Photoshop has been released – I’m happy to introduce you to the new features. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words – so a 720p video is… oh so much better!

Enjoy the following weird, fun six minutes, that are everything you need to know about Double USM 2.

What not to like?
You can go buy it here on my website (preferred option) or soon on Adobe Add-ons as well.

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Double USM is the brand new Sharpening Photoshop’s script I’ve coded! Let me introduce it to you in a three posts series: in this first one I’ll be discussing why it’s useful and how it works. Post #2 will be about the interface and how it works. In Post #3 I’ll show you examples and we’ll try to find a place for it in your own image processing workflow.

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