Up to 10 Color Samplers – Photoshop CC (14.2)

Thanks to last Photoshop World Codeathon in Las Vegas, we’ve finally broken the 4 Color Samplers limit in the Info Palette – we’re allowed to scatter up to 10 of them like a machine gun (provided we’ve Photoshop CC updated to the 14.2 dot release, available from Jan 16, 2014 onwards). If you’re in the color correction business, that is a big deal.
[Fireworks popping, people getting naked, etc]

Now, to be fair, this is a pretty old feature request (ignored/postponed…) – something more like a JDI if you will.
But let’s not be the usual mumbling guys for a little bit! Just a little bit 😉

I built an experimental Panel back in 2011, called Power Info Palette – which still shows that there’s always room for improvement! But it’s definitely nice to have native support for 10 samplers in PS now.

ScriptUI tip: decoupling components’ Event handling

In a ScriptUI Window different components are usually registered for Events, and fire their own Handlers. You can build some interconnection, so for instance a Button's 'click' handler triggers a change in a ListBox, which in turn reacts to its own 'onChange' Event. It's quite easy to decouple this interaction, provided that you set up your code properly.

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Testing minified JS Libraries in ExtendScript

It's not uncommon, when scripting for Adobe applications, to borrow JS libraries that have been originally written for web development. While the new generation of Adobe HTML Extensions will run on the Chromium Embedded Framework, traditional ExtendScript code is based upon a different, older engine. Besides ECMAScript unsupported features (i.e. ES 5) I've noticed that using minified JS code is a risky business - scripts can break or fail silently. I've set up a proper testing environment to inspect them.

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L’App per iPad di TIAB: Sharpening in Photoshop

 ha pubblicato su App Store la versione per iPad del suo ““, registrato da Marco Olivotto. Si tratta di un’App decisamente sostanziosa (678MB per €59.99), i cui contenuti video comprendono sia i fondamentali teorici che gran parte delle tecniche in Photoshop.

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DropBox, Git and SublimeText on the Mac

As a freelance developer I've been using my DropBox account as the projects cloud backup - yet if you're willing to setup it as a private GitHub repository for version control, possibly in conjunction with a SublimeText Git plugin... chances are that you'll spend some time looking for issue workarounds. Why bother, I've gathered them here for you!

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Dan Margulis’ Modern Photoshop Color Workflow, beta-readers interview

Color Correction Maestro Dan Margulis has just published a new book about his latest research, appropriately called "Modern Photoshop Color Workflow - The Quartertone Quandary, the PPW, and Other Ideas for Speedy Image Enhancement". I've asked to three beta-readers, who happens to be among my best friends and experienced colleagues, few questions about the book's topics. Read along, I've a special guest too!

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