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Back in 2007, developer Brandon Staggs wrote a brilliant article about software licensing, showing how to implement what he calls a Partial Serial Number Verification System using the Delphi language.
Apparently the remarkable technique first appeared around 2003 in a set of slides by Chris Thornton, developer of the ClipMate software.

Years have passed, cryptography is more affordable, yet I would say that this approach to the Software Licensing problem is still valid in some businesses – besides the fact it’s fascinatingly clever.

In a nutshell, Brandon shows how to build a serial number (seed, keys, checksum), which verification in the final product is partial – so that a cracker will never be able to build a long lasting keygen.

I’ve ported the original code (written in Delphi) to Javascript.

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It’s not uncommon, when scripting for Adobe applications, to borrow JS libraries that have been originally written for web development. While the new generation of Adobe HTML Extensions will run on the Chromium Embedded Framework, traditional ExtendScript code is based upon a different, older engine. Besides ECMAScript unsupported features (i.e. ES 5) I’ve noticed that using minified JS code is a risky business – scripts can break or fail silently. I’ve set up a proper testing environment to inspect them.

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