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Leanpub alternatives, IMHO

If you're into technical writing, read along. I've used Leanpub's services for two books of mine out of three, and I am still 100% sure that I couldn't make a better choice. But when you're more experienced, there might be reasons to look for alternatives: I'll tell you mine, how I've sorted my doubts out, and what I've eventually chosen.

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Selling digital books with Apple: iBooksAuthor, InDesign, Digital Publishing Suite

If you're willing to produce digital books to be sold by Apple, be aware that each one of the available tools will shape your content and how it is going to be delivered in a very peculiar way. This post will cover InDesign, iBooksAuthor and the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite targeting Apple iBookStore and AppStore with ePub, iBooks and Apps. Which one does fit your needs the best?

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