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Hello readers, I’m happy to inform you that the “Adobe Photoshop HTML Panels Development” book is in good shape! I’ve kept writing, even if my life by the end of the year has got pretty intense.

I’d like to share with you the book’s Index as it is now; most of the content is already in place, even if stuff is not yet final. I’ve built several demo panels (about 17 of them, and counting), which code will be available alongside with the book.

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Hello readers, I’m happy to publicly announce that I’m writing a book (temporarily) titled: “Photoshop HTML Panels development – Build and Market Adobe Creative Cloud extensions”.
I’ve let the news leak here and there as a way to strengthen my commitment in the project, and I’m ready now to challenge bad luck and tell the world about this ambitious venture. My goal now is to give you some details about the book, so read along.

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Modern Photoshop Color Workflow front cover

Color Correction Maestro Dan Margulis has just published a new book about his latest research, appropriately called “Modern Photoshop Color Workflow – The Quartertone Quandary, the PPW, and Other Ideas for Speedy Image Enhancement”. I’ve asked to three beta-readers, who happens to be among my best friends and experienced colleagues, few questions about the book’s topics. Read along, I’ve a special guest too!

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