About the website

I’m collecting here news, thoughts, personal experiences and works related to Photoshop, Digital Imaging, and the kind of programming that involves them both. For I love them both!

About myself

Hello, nice to find you here – I’m Davide, a 36 yo Photoshop-freak freelance with an unrequited passion for coding.

I started working in the Digital Imaging industry 10 years ago, and ever since I’ve always loved any hour I’ve spent in front of a picture. My job involves scanning, postproduction, retouching, prepress, digital printing and color management – mainly in the contemporary art photography and art publishing businesses. Bizarre businesses, believe me.

I use to work side by side with artists most of the time – so far, my postproduction/print jobs have been exhibited all over the world in museums (MOMA, San Francisco; Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago; Biennial of Architecture, Venice; Canadian Center of Architecture, Montreal; Beaubourg Centre Pompidou, Paris) and private galleries (Bloomberg Space, London; Bund18 Shanghai; Marlborough Gallery, Monaco; Y&R, NYC;  GC Arts, Las Vegas). But due to a strange mix of privacy issues and total lack of self-advertising, you won’t find my name in any of the credits – I use my grand-father’s name instead: if he were alive, he would laugh at this.

I have a deep passion for coding, but it seems coding doesn’t love me back: anyway I’m an Adobe Solution Partner who is into Creative Suite developing (basically extensions and scripting) and CS SDK betatester. Which in plain english means that I write and sell programs who drive Photoshop to do fancy nice little things it wouldn’t do otherwise, targeted to photographers.

Isn’t this enough? I’m married and we’ve a 5yo daughter: so there’s always someone talking at home (and if it’s not, there’s Scooby Doo blasting out the tv set at an insane volume) so my only chance to work here is to resist until everyone is gone to bed. That said, I sleep very little.

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