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Modern Photoshop Color Workflow front cover

Color Correction Maestro Dan Margulis has just published a new book about his latest research, appropriately called “Modern Photoshop Color Workflow – The Quartertone Quandary, the PPW, and Other Ideas for Speedy Image Enhancement”. I’ve asked to three beta-readers, who happens to be among my best friends and experienced colleagues, few questions about the book’s topics. Read along, I’ve a special guest too!

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Parametric Curves is a free Photoshop script that lets you plot mathematically defined (Javascript) Curves Adjustment layers. Here I’ll show you the script interface and I’ll walk you through the creation of some interesting Curves, that will be the building blocks of advanced creative manipulations.

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FlexColor app

If you try to open in Photoshop CS6 a 3F (a file with extension .fff, the raw format for Hasselblad and Imacon scanners) coming from the FlexColor software, you’re going to run into troubles: here it is the workaround! And I’ll show you my 3F retouching workflow.

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FilterForge SixtiesSwirl

Introducing Filter Forge

Davide Barranca —  — 2 Comments

Filter Forge is a PS plugin; actually it’s more than a PS plugin, Filter Forge is a PS plugins’ container (some 9000 of them, freely available); no really, that’s not as exciting as the fact that Filter Forge lets you build your own PS filters. Visually. Oh listen: follow me, I’m gonna show it to you – it’s easier than you think and a lot fun.

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