Professional Photoshop Scripting EAP Update

I’ve added 60 pages to accommodate an amazing new chapter on Adobe Generator!

The book is now 388 pages strong and packed with exclusive content found nowhere else™.

Adobe Generator is an amazing and very little known technology available in Photoshop since version CC. It features a Node.js instance running in the background that you can use in a variety of interesting ways.

I’ve built several Generator Plug-ins expressly for this book: Pixmap extraction, Artificial Intelligence via an external service, Photoshop remote control from the Browser, bi-directional Socket communication, just to name a few. I’m sure you’ll enjoy them! Did you know that Adobe Generator has got its own icon? 🙂 This marks Professional Photoshop Scripting EAP version 0.2 – I would say that the main content is already in place. I plan to gather minor topics in one or two chapters, then proceed with the publication. You can still buy it at a highly discounted price now!

The Final Product:

  • Final Book + Code, $149
  • Final Book + Videos + Code, $249
  • Final Book + Videos + Code (Team/Enterprise License), $499

Early Access Program

  • Early Access Book + Code, $99
  • Early Access Book + Code (Team/Enterprise License), $199
  • Discount Coupon for the Videos when they will be recorded

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