HTML Panel Tips #24: Fixing ZXP Timestamping errors

Davide Barranca —  — 7 Comments

Recently, running the ZXPSignCmd command line utility to sign and timestamp HTML Panels has proved to cause errors – also for users of Adobe Configurator 4, which relies on it behind the scenes to export the (Flash) panel as ZXP. Quick fix as follows.

Hammer it! And if it doesn’t work, change the timestamp authority. We’ve been using for quite some time now. Is its recent failure linked to the SHA-1 deprecation? I can’t say, but you can try a different service from this list – that comes from the small but always great CEP (HTML) Panels developers community.


I assume you know how to use it. If this is not the case, check out my previous posts: here and also here.

Few notes: first, it might be that in the future Geotrust will be working again (I’ll update the post, if/when). Second, I’ve tried a mild Configurator 4 hack, but without any success – I guess the ZXPSignCmd call is somewhere out of my reach – if you find a way to change the timestamp authority there, or if you want to suggest other timestemp URLs, please let me know in the comments! Third, make sure to have the latest version of the ZXPSignCmd, which you can download here.

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7 responses to HTML Panel Tips #24: Fixing ZXP Timestamping errors

  1. Hi Davide!

    I had the same issue and I’m now using thanks to @akshitSinghal1989 on

  2. Has anyone had issues with terminal since this current version of ZXPSignCmd? Since installing it each time I run a ./ZXPSignCmd it just throws the ZXP Usage message. I’ve checked my line of code several times and all is correct. Even had others review and they all say things work fine. Any thoughts?

  3. Is there currently a workaround when building a Photoshop CS6 extension in Configurator? I’d be happy to manually gather all the files and package and sign through the command line rather than the Configurator wizard, but have no real idea which files to gather (configurator save file? exported panel? etc) or even if ZXPSignCmd is the right tool for a CS6 extension. Would love to hear if anyone has any ideas, been tearing my hair out for weeks over this!

    • Would love to know too! I have been unable to use Configurator 4 for packaging ZXPs.
      Should the MXI file include a list of ALL the files in scripts/ & img/?
      Anyone with a CS6 example would be very helpful 🙂

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