The Adobe Photoshop HTML Panels Development Course is available!

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I’m super excited to officially announce that the Adobe Photoshop HTML Panels Development course – Build and Market Adobe Creative Cloud extensions – is finally available! Visit the project minisite for all the information and the special launch price offer, or read along for a brief summary.

Get to the Photoshop HTML Panels Development course website!

It took me seven months but I eventually made it! Here’s what you’ll find.

Photoshop HTML Panels Development book

The Book

285 pages PDF, 15 Chapters of solutions to real-world development problems. It starts easy (I mean, from the very basics!) then gradually gets to advanced topics such as Node.js modules, REST services integration, Adobe Generator servers, WebSockets, etc.

Download here the full Index. Mobi and ePub formats are available as well.

Photoshop HTML Panels Development panels

28 Panels

Each book’s Chapter covers a topic, then 28 custom-made Panels (with fully commented code) dig deeper, implementing the basic concepts shown in a more advanced fashion.

Photoshop HTML Panels Development videos

The Video series

I’ve recorded three hours of HD screencasts dealing with some of the aspects covered in the book, adding extra information and new sections on specific subjects (such as ActionManager code – aka Scripting Voodoo! – that the book just briefly mentions).

There’s much more to know about it, so please head to the Course website and you’ll be able to get some sample content (an 40 pages excerpt from the book and half of an hour of HD videos… for free!).

Get to the Photoshop HTML Panels Development course website!

Mind you, I’m running a special offer through April 2016 so if you want to take advantage of the discounted launch price hurry up!

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13 responses to The Adobe Photoshop HTML Panels Development Course is available!

  1. There is little current/accurate documentation on creating HTML panels (successfully) that it has been extremely frustrating to try figuring them out on my own. REALLY looking forward to trying this out!

  2. Hi Davide, I am interested, but I miss the payment method “PayPal”… What can I do? Thx.

  3. Me and my friend have been waiting for this to come out. I just got it, it’s looking great so far. Thanks for all the hard work you put into this Davide!

  4. Purchased. I’ve been using your blog posts for reference so often, I feel like I’ve already gotten my money’s worth without cracking open the digital shrink wrap. Looking forward to really diving into this!


  5. Hi,
    Does this book work with After Effects?

  6. Hi Davide,
    i am extremely grateful for you putting up so much work, in a topic that is not much documented.
    Nevertheless I feel that the basic version is a bit overpriced. Compare it to any book on 3D/Design/HTML/C++ etc.. a printed book, even on hot topics rarely exceeds 70-80 USD.
    I would like to think that you have valid reasons for having such a high price in the basic non video-tutorial edition.

    Thanks for your great work and website.

    • Hi Dimi,
      Thanks for the feedback. Fair question, my answer goes as follows.
      I could tell you that if you look around, there are several other examples of similarly priced “courses” (from CSS up to App Design), with multiple tiers in the range $99 – $499. I could tell you that this is a small niche, and I had to balance the huge amount of time needed to author it with the expected revenues.
      But it’s not even half of the story.
      I have approached this course – both as a book+code and book+video+code – more as a professional consultancy, rather than a set of recipes, or as a technical reference. Hence, I’ve priced it accordingly.
      None of my existing customers had ever written me that the price tag was too high compared to what the course delivers – when they went through it. In fact, many of them got in touch later on showing me the commercial products they’ve been able to build, thanks to what they’ve learned. The lower tier (book+code) cost is worth about five to ten licenses of an averagely priced Panel, so as an investment it pays off rather quickly.
      True, it’s not for the casual reader who has a curiosity about Photoshop Panels, even if the course assumes very little as a pre-requisite development knowledge. Yet, compared to what a single freelance, an agency or a company would invest for professional training, I’d say the price is, if not a bargain, a fair compromise.

  7. Hi Davide,

    Thanks for the excellent work. Your handbook saved us countless hours of research.

    There is one question I have, and not sure if you’ve run into this one before: I’m building a Panel for PS which communicates with an automation filter to do some layer drawing. Everything is working well, except that the UI response is sporadically SLOW for certain operations. Also, I will sometimes see very quick response from the UI in short bursts, then back to really slow response (sometimes tens of seconds).

    The odd thing is, if I change the UI/Type in the manifest.xml to “Modeless”, the response delay goes away and the UI is very quick. The problem is, as you already know, the user can’t interact with any of the other PS panels when a Modeless is active (why is that???) so this is not a viable solution for us.

    Any idea what’s going on in PS that would cause unreasonably long delays in Panel code?


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