The Adobe Photoshop HTML Panels Development Course is available!

I’m super excited to officially announce that the Adobe Photoshop HTML Panels Development course – Build and Market Adobe Creative Cloud extensions – is finally available! Visit the project website for all the information and the special launch price offer, or read along for a brief summary.

Get to the Photoshop HTML Panels Development course website!

It took me seven months but I eventually made it! Here’s what you’ll find.

The Book

285 pages 300 pages PDF, 15 Chapters of solutions to real-world development problems. It starts easy (I mean, from the very basics!) then gradually gets to advanced topics such as Node.js modules, REST services integration, Adobe Generator servers, WebSockets, etc. Mobi and ePub formats are available as well.

Photoshop HTML Panels Development book

28 Panels

Each book’s Chapter covers a topic, then 28 custom-made Panels (with fully commented code) dig deeper, implementing the basic concepts shown in a more advanced fashion.

Photoshop HTML Panels Development panels

The Video series

I’ve recorded three hours of HD screencasts dealing with some of the aspects covered in the book, adding extra information and new sections on specific subjects (such as ActionManager code - aka Scripting Voodoo! - that the book just briefly mentions).

Photoshop HTML Panels Development videos

There’s much more to know about it, so please head to the Course website and you’ll be able to get some sample content (an 40 pages excerpt from the book and half of an hour of HD videos… for free!).

Get to the Photoshop HTML Panels Development course website!

Mind you, I’m running a special offer through April 2016 so if you want to take advantage of the discounted launch price hurry up!