HTML Panels book: Website launched!

Panels people! From now you can subscribe to http://htmlpanelsbook.com and book (pun intended!) your discount code for the “Adobe Photoshop HTML Panels” thing, which is going to be released by the end of March.

Because we all love to publicly disclose deadlines, don’t we? Subscribing to the newsletter is a way for you to be updated on the book’s state, get some preview pages, and receive a substantial discount few days in advance of the official announcement.

HTML Panels Book Development Newsletter

So, what am I up at right now? The book itself is more or less done, I’ve to polish here and there, add selective code highlighting (Leanpub has released this new feature few days ago and I’m eager to try it) and similar minutiæ.

The next big thing I’m tackling is… videotutorials! Which I plan to optionally bundle alongside with the ebook: it’s going to be a bloodbath. But worth the effort! Please subscribe, so that I can get in touch with you more easily (no spam, no tricks). Mind you, it seems the newsletter has troubles with @mac.com, @icloud.com and @me.com domains (i.e. all Apple) - preferably  use a different email account of yours.

Thank you and have some nice time!