Ouch! Being rude with a print :-)

I ran into this video some years ago, and I’ve always, vividly, remembered it as one of the worst examples of a rude behavior towards an innocent print 🙂

D-Roller video

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Actually, I’ve always considered Michael Reichmann’s Luminous Landscape one of the best websites around for professionals in the photography and printing business – both for his independency and, above all, for Michael’s sober style.

That’s the why I jumped off my chair when I saw him doing *that* to a print. Man, I could almost hear the paper’s fibers and coating groan and whimper! So when, early this week, I had to literally fight with a very large format (64″ x 94″), utterly curled print (we had to momentarily switch to Hahnemuhle FineArt Baryta, since PhotoRag went temporarily out of stock, being FineArt a very rigid paper), I recalled Reichmann’s performance and I showed it to the image’s author I was printing for. Our policy is to never touch the printed surface – which is quite delicate – except for micro-retouches with a fine brush and acrylic paint (we’re maniacs and paranoids, we know) so you may understand why he too opened his eyes wide just like if Michael were slapping his mother 🙂

That said, if you’re into mothers slapping and de-curling curled papers, please find the original product review.

Disclaimer: I hope you recognize here some innocent irony and a deep respect to Mr. Reichmann: I mean, I still follow his terrific website even after I’ve seen what he did to that print! 🙂